July 6th - 9th 2003

David Pumping

David-wheelie David-View

David pumping up his lone spare inner tube - kindly donated by some friendly poeple we met on the way.

David doing a wheelie on Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains. David looking down over the Shenandoah Valley.

G-Washington-forest-river.jpg (150371 bytes)
Stream in George Washington National Forest.
Nice place an hour west of Washington where David, John and Andrew George went to mountain-bike, swim and escape the city
one day while the others museumed and shopped.


G-Washington-forest-vista appalachian trail
Virginia farmland


Hannah, Lilian and david on the Appalachian Trail on the Blue Ridge mountains.



G-Washington-forest fungi-

G-Washington-forest-frog.jpg (161573 bytes)
Dragonfly Fungus Frog
Shenandoah 135.jpg (48829 bytes) Shenandoah fawns. Sun-trees
Our rustic old cabin at the Skyland Resort in the Shenandoah national park Oh deer! It was great to see trees and suck in that beautiful fresh air.

Mum and Dad enjoying a romantic walk in the bush!

Shenandoah Shenandoah

Us with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

Well wadaya know dad's taking another photo! Allthough the veiw is pretty stunning!

Shenandoah camping

Our beautiful campsite in the Shenandoah Valley.
The van, the tent and oh yeah the bike!    

Shenandoah_024.jpg (43530 bytes)

Actually it was rather wet and blah!!

 HLD davy crocket hats.jpg (53210 bytes)

Everybody sing "davy....., davy crocket...." Us and our coon skin hats!

Shenandoah caves

Skyline caverns below the Blue Ridge Mountains were beautiful!