South China


Typical Dai house and rice paddies

lil-Akha-ladies.jpg (199801 bytes)
Large Lilian with little Akha ladies

We enjoy New Year celebrations with Akha villagers

Akha-dancer700.jpg (101218 bytes)
Akha new year dancing

Akha-new-year-Hannah-David-700.jpg (95654 bytes)
Akha New YearParty 3rd Jan

John on bush swing at Akha party

Ulans-Akha-dinner700.jpg (87230 bytes)
We are guests in Hong Zhuang Zhai village

Akha-pigs-700.jpg (94916 bytes)
Pigs - Hong Zhuang Zhai village

Grace-BBQ-astro-lesson700.jpg (83371 bytes)
Astronomy lesson at a BBQ!

Jinghong-veg.jpg (71113 bytes)
Jan McKerras buying vegetables for dinner.

Brave tourist?
You can't see the sellotape!

Camel-Hannah.jpg (260688 bytes)
Cool tourist

Monkey-dunlops600.jpg (127492 bytes)
Chinese monkeys!

Monkeying with Jan's icecream!!

Jinghong-rice-500.jpg (72744 bytes)
Market Rice - Jinghong



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