-Philly- Philly
Lilian, David and Hannah with the original Liberty Bell and Independence hall in the background. The Liberty Bell itself and quite inspiring how it draws crowds with its message of Liberty and Freedom for all. The big crack you see is not the crack that caused the bell not to ring, it's a small one that you can't really see in this pic.


Philly- Philly
Independence Hall where the Liberty Bell originally resided.


Inside Independence Hall where the declaration of independence was signed and read for the first time.


JellyBean people

Here is an important lesson we learned at the National Liberty Museum in Philly:

The Jellybean People

Although they come in many different shades and sizes, every jellybean contains exactly the same ingredients inside
.... just like me, just like you.
the next time you see someone different form yourself, try to be aware of your feelings about that person.
Instead of thinking about what makes you different, think about what makes you both the same
... just like me, just like you.