Ooty town


OOTY-street-700.jpg (102645 bytes)
Ooty street scene 2


Ooty street scene 3 - David disappearing fast.

Montuaban700.jpg (168420 bytes)
Montuaban Guesthouse - our home for a month
Lilian-Montuaban2-600.jpg (64048 bytes)
Lilian back at Montuaban - where she lived when she was 7!
Union Church, where we went most Sundays while at Hebron during November and December


Union-Church-Ooty-Dunlops-700.jpg (61794 bytes)
Outside Union Church
OOTYbagmaker-600.jpg (107640 bytes)
bagmaking shop

Ooty-cow-700.jpg (99951 bytes)

Friend across the road from our place

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