New York

Manhattan pan1.jpg (180629 bytes)
Panorama of the New York City skyline
H and L Aida

Lilian and Hannah at the Popra version of Aida. What a fantastic show!!!!!!
It was great to seeToni Braxton play Aida.

Aida broadway NYC.jpg (102839 bytes) Mamma Mia broadway winter garden NYC

Lilian and Hannah also went to see the Abba musical Mamma Mia! on Broadway.
Another awesome show.
The cheapest tickets were for standing room so Lilian and Hannah had a great time dancing up the back.

Aida on Broadway
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Statue of Liberty The big copper lady and her flag Lady Liberty at sunset
Liberty-ranger46.jpg (15399 bytes)

The family on their way to the island.

New York Hannah-liberty
Us, the friendly national parks ranger and the big lady herself! Where's the crown?
Grand Central NY

Grand Central Station and a ton of yellow taxis

Crysler building NYC1.jpg (59871 bytes)  

H and L Wardorf Astoria.

Hannah and Lilian at the Wardorf Astoria Hotel

The beautiful Chrysler Building and shopping on 5th avenue
Dunlops-rose-meteorite9.jpg (46775 bytes)

The Dunlops with the world's 3rd largest meteorite at the Hayden Planetarium.

New York 1 110703 029.jpg (75423 bytes) New York 140703 069.jpg (45501 bytes)

Mmmmm hotdogs and pretzels outside the MoMa (museum of modern art) in Queens.

The Hayden Planetarium was an awesome piece of architechture.


New York 150703 083.jpg (39952 bytes)
Wall St Stock Exchange.
New York cops
Hannah and the NYPD boys outside the Wall St Stock Exchange complete with helmets, bullet proof vests and big guns.

New York sunset

The Skyline at sunset. John and Lilian went on a romantic harbour at sunset cruise.


H fountain central park NYC.jpg (32850 bytes) New York 1 110703 059.jpg (58165 bytes) New York subway
Hannah in Central Park. Beautiful! A typical late afternoon scene in Central Park. Hannah, Lilian and David in the south   ferry sub station. So where to from here david?
New York

Ahhhhh there's nothing like a good bagel while taking in the New York skyline!

H macys NYC.jpg (83176 bytes) New York

Us outside the Wall st subway station and the church in the background.

Dangerous! Hannah and Lilian had a ball shopping at places like Macey's (biggest department store), 5th Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales to name a few. Bliss!
New York New York 150703 017.jpg (34262 bytes)

The Dunlops with the downtown Manhatten skyline in the distance. Taken on the Empire State Building.

New York
The lobby of the Empire State Building. That's pretty high!
New York
The moving site where the twin towers of the World Trade Centre once stood.


New York 150703 046.jpg (22955 bytes)

Now it's a big hole in th eground being prepared for a proposed glass skyscraper that will be taller than the twin towers

New York memorial
A tribute at the Twin Towers site .


Upstate New York

Hannah-kayak-Otter-Lake.jpg Jim-Wallace-Otter-Lake-walk.jpg (59644 bytes) Otter-Lake-Wallaces
Hannah kayaking on Lake Otter Jim Wallace (Mark's dad) going for a walk in the lush woods. The serene view from the cottage where we stayed with the Wallaces.
David in the Adarondak Mountains.jpg (31723 bytes) boston-hamilton 022.jpg (44673 bytes)
David in his element!

Mum Preeching to the deciples
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