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Fulham style garden party

B-palace-guards Buckingham-bobby
They really do change the guards! Buckingham Bobby with fans
David-Elanor-Neil.jpg (69467 bytes) Ashley-Hotel-Paddington Ashley-dining.
Our most helpful friends David and Elanor Neil check the view from their 3rd storey Fulham flat Our hotel - The Ashley in Norfolk Square Paddington - most convenient - 1 minutes walk from the station How real English hotel breakfasts are done - complete with instant service bacon and eggs from gracious waitresses in black and white
London-eye-big-ben Big-Ben Parliament-river
The Big Eye and Big Ben


Ben again


The home of western democracy ..


Thames-sunset bridges-combo.


Westminster Abbey by night

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Lunch in Holy Trinity Brompton churchyard.
This church is where Alpha courses originate.
Spiritual squirrel
It was Sunday in the churchyard ...


Meeting across the Greenwich Prime Meridian


Davidbonthrones2 David@bonthrones3.
David's workplace for most of the time we were in London. David hard at work! Its not all fun and games.
Ashley hotel Paddington London
The friendly staff at the Ashley Hotel.(where we stayed while we were in London.)

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Buckingham Palace minus garden party. We did enjoy wandering through the inside though.