Joys of Travelling

Shenandoah St Augustine 1 Shenandoah-Philly-NY
Life in a .... suitcase? The everday task of packing and unpacking trying to envisage what you may need for the next few unpredictable days Washing on the go! we don't want to be caught unawares! Honey buns or trail mix anyone? The massive stack of luggage and the darling bellmen who tote it around for us! by the way there is more in the van mate!
Shenandoah 006 Shenandoah 005 L subway NYC
Auto Systems Expert Lil to the rescue. Call        0800 SEXY MECHANIC for her services The everday tweaking that comes with being on the open highway every day. Lilian trying to catch a ride on the NYC subway!
New York 150703 071 Shenandoah 029 Shenandoah 106
EXAUSTED! Taking a bit of time to have some quiet reflection at a church at the top of Wall St and a couple of blocks from Ground Zero New York Tentbunnies making a go of camping! Smile for the camera! Something we have got down to a fine art!
Car-boy- Shenandoah 107 Car-girl-
David's car (left) David invites you to the great outdors (literally out the door of the van along the Skyline drive Shenandoah national park) Mum's car (right)
Married bliss Appleby-bunkhouse Loch-Long-tartan-togetherness-



London-luggage Minster-monster-mumble
Amsterdam-Dunlop-domestics Scots-Fyne-rest-700.jpg (52529 bytes) Pastry-dunlops

The high life is ...
buying tights on Oxford St, living in a Paddington hotel ...

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