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South Chicago from the Hancock Tower
Adler Planetarium is the bump near the end of the peninsula in the mid-distance.

H+D chicago skyline. Adler-capernicus Mum and dad + chicago skyline
David and Hannah in front of the Downtown Chicago skyline. Copernicus statue in front of the Adler Planetarium. Lilan and John with the Chicago skyline in the background
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Dinosaur Sue and definitely-not-dinosaur David at the Field Museum
pipehenge demonstration

The Dunlop Family promoting Pipehenge at the Adler planetarium.


Meet sue.
Hannah, David and Lilian at the Chicago Field Museum with Sue, the most complete skeleton of a dinosaur.


Lunch 95 stories up the Hancock tower.


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Lexes and Dunlops outside the Hancock tower.
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More Lexes and Dunlops outside the Hancock tower