Toronto Blue Jays Game Field. Toronto Blue Jays Game Ball Mid Flight Everyone at the Toronto Blue Jays Game
Take me out to the ball game..... We went to see the Toronto Blue Jays play the Baltimore Orioles at the Skydome in Toronto. It was an exciting game and we sortof understood it but unfortunately the Blue Jays lost.Niagra Falls From left to right: Richie and Micah Jones, David, Hannah, Rick and Anita Jones. We had a great time staying with them and hanging out with son and grandson who were visiting.
Hannah and David at Niagra Falls Spectacular! Ship Coming into the Lock
Hannah and David at Niagra Falls A boat going into a lock on the Welland Canal that connects Lakes Ontario and Erie.
david ready and waiting
Look who's excited! - at the Hayhoe's summer house on Lake Joseph
getting ready to boardDavid preparing to go wake boarding at Lake Joseph, 3 hours north of Toronto. With Hannah as first mate to Doug Hayhoe. david giving wakeboarding a tryAnd face plant!
Mum and dad sailing David-floating
John and Lilian go for a romantic sail on Lake Joseph.
At first Lilian was a little aprehensive but she was very excited when she came back in to land.
David chilling out with John and Lilian in the background.
Mum and hannah+canoe.jpg (76312 bytes)
Lilian and Hannah going for a paddle in a Canadian canoe on a Canadian Lake.
Having dinner at the Hayhoes cottage by Lake Joseph.


sawyer + dunlops
We we're lucky enough to visit our friends Graham and Shirley Sawer at their cottage near Sault ste Marie which is on the border between the USA and Canada.
Jim-Wallace-Otter-Lake-walk700.jpg (129515 bytes) Hannah-kayak-Otter-Lake USA+Canada bridge
Jim Wallace, our host at Otter Lake, takes John on a stroll in the woods. Hannah kayaks on Lake Otter in the Adirondak hills Crossing the border from Canada to the USA

Boat+Sun.jpg (34605 bytes)

Lake Joseph

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