Adventure Learning Centre, Nassau, New Providence Island - where we volunteered April - June 2003
We lived in the newly renovated staff house

ALC watermania pan1

ALC Panorama on Watermania open day (Planetarium building to the left)


Aerial pic by John of the ALC and the staff house where we lived
(John and David got to fly over the Isalnd in a small plane with the door removed so we could film for the Planetarium show!)

Hannah-ALC-Exhuma.JPG (28966 bytes)

Hannah n David at ALC.JPG (77481 bytes)

Hannah teaches in the ALC planetarium

Hannah, David and Michelle with their Adventure Club in the ALC Playground

David-Watermania-sml.jpg (36591 bytes)

Adam shoot 9sml.jpg (41114 bytes)

David was actually on the other end of the water-gun during most of the Watermania day at ALC

ALC film crew  (John and Mark) shooting Adam (Michello) for the Planetarium show

ALC-Barn D-Bahamas-House Paradise_Beach
ALC Barn The house we lived in for two months

Lilian, Hannah and David at Paradise Island beach.

lounge2med.jpg (53404 bytes)

Donna-Lil-sewing-sml.jpg (34543 bytes)

Lounge in staff house - as furnished by Lilian

Donna Buell and Lilian making curtains in the staff house dining area.
Donna stayed with us for two weeks.

also ... pics of Bahamian churches

and our boat trip to the Berry Islands

See for more info about the Adventure Leaning Centre.