All these images were taken with a 35 mm camera and 400 asa slide film.
Exposures are usually several minutes. Please do not reproduce them  without asking me first.

Matai-Whetu-final.jpg (351544 bytes)

This image was taken at Matai Whetu Marae near Thames, New Zealand. The MataiWhetu Marae has been used for astronomical observations for hundreds of years. This evening students from the local school were visiting, and got to look through a nineteenth century telescope belonging to a local family.

(c) John Dunlop 2002

Retouched in Photoshop after an unfortunate accident with the original !! (below)

Moral: always close the shutter after a time exposure!

Matai-Whetu-orig300.jpg (18676 bytes)

CrossMtCookVil700.JPG (20952 bytes) HaleBoppAuckMay6_97JD600.JPG (34865 bytes)
Southern Cross and Pointers over Mt Ruapehu - the night John was meant to be having a romantic time at the Chateau with Lilian ...
Note the Coalsack dark nebula


Southern Cross over Mt Cook village Comet Hale Bopp over Auckland in 1996
OrionOTHdawn600-high.JPG (19237 bytes) PlieadesOrionSirius2_700.JPG (19727 bytes) Sco_Jup_westOTH-600-high.JPG (21809 bytes)
Orion (The Pot) over One Tree Hill Plieades (left), Hyades, Orion  and Sirius (top right) from Sutties Reserve, Onehunga, Auckland Scorpius with Jupiter near Antares
from One Tree Hill Domain

Waharauscopes_600.JPG (39830 bytes)

Starparty at Waharau camp near Auckland. LMC, and SMC galaxies are visible.