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My Pipehenge page

Where I used to work:
While there for 7 years I developed the website, acted as media spokesperson and set up the schools program which reaches about 25 000 school students annually. This was partly funded by the New Zealand Government.

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Cool links

Saturn pics

Saturn pics from Cassini and Huygens spacecraft

Very Large telescopes

Hubble Space Telescope pics

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Royal Astronomical Society NZ

Sunspots, aurorae etc

Satellites: realtime accurate zoomable labelled 3D map of all satellites currently orbiting Earth (Java applet)

Satellites, stars etc over your place tonight or next week or ...

Astronomy Education
As well as my work at the Stardome I have contributed to several New Zealand school science textbooks and teacher guides.

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I have only had one paper formally published. It is a summary of my 1999 Masters thesis

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